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What type of brush bristle is best bunnies?

The best brush for bunnies will helps your pet get used to being handled, remove excessive hair, prevent the formation of matts which can irritate the skin and lead to infections. Brushing your rabbit will provide you with wonderful time together.

To help you find the perfect brush and make an informed decision for your pets, here are the useful guide among the different type of brush bristle that you can choose from and also what type you should avoid. Rabbit skin is delicate, you won’t want to hurt your pets with any wrong choice.

#1 Bristles materials

There are various materials that make of bristles for bunnies brushes such as metal, plastic, and wood. Since Rabbits have sensitive fur and skins, so when choosing brush for them, it is better to get a brush with plastic tips or rounded edges in order to provide softer combing without scratching its skin too hard and hurting your pet.

It is obvious that plastic bristles are the softest option, they are also common and easy to find. However, plastic can break easily, particularly if you have a fussy bunny. It is not recommended to go with metallic bristles. Although they are durable that can last for long term use but these brushes may be too sharp for your rabbit’s delicate skin.

There are some combine brushes with metal or wooden bristles with plastic tips. I would like to recommend this type of bristles as they ensure an effective combing, does not break or bend easily but still being soft on your rabbit’s skin.

#2 Harder vs finer bristles

The choosing of brush bristles also depend on the age and breed of your bunnies. Younger bunnies will have more delicate skins than elderly rabbits. Thus, they need brushes with finer bristles that are not too rough on their bodies and fur. Be gentle and careful not to injure your rabbit

While adult rabbits will have tougher skin and fur, the finer bristles may not be effective if their hair messed up. They also can withstand harder bristles.

If you are raising the delicate rabbit breeds such as New Zealand White and Chinchilla, then remember that they are easily irritable and can be easily injured with hard brushes. Some other breeds of bunnies such as Holland Lop tend to have thicker fur than others,  their fur prone to mange, so they requires harder bristles brushes.

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